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    • Unit 1508, 15/Floor, Wing Fung Industrial Bilding
      No. 40-50 Sha Tsui Road, Chai Wan Kok, NT

    • +852 2149 1377

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    +852 2149 1377

    Due to the very high demand for our products our lead time is currently 72 hours for orders placed before 12pm.
    With over 10,000 products stocked locally across a network of depots, LV Labs can deliver worldwide what you need fast.

    Our Partners

    With PPE at the core of our product range, we supply worldwide a variety of businesses and governments

    Frequently asked questions

    We are here to help, but in case you have further questions or you need more clarifications just give us a call our use the online chat.

    Are the products subject to custom duties?2020-05-29T18:06:22+08:00

    We ship from HK or PRC so generally the goods are subject to custom duties of country where the goods are sent to. We advise you to check carefully with your custom services what are the feed the shipment will be subject to.

    How can I track my shipment?2020-05-29T18:07:19+08:00

    When your order is shipped you will receive an email notification with all the shipping documents so to make you able to contact the shipping agent or the freight forwarder in charge of the delivery. According to the nature of the shipment, if required, we will send you original shipping documents immediately after full payment will have been confirmed and received.

    What happen if I have to cancel my order?2020-05-29T18:07:56+08:00

    Generally, no obligation is in place if no payment has been fully executed and received, so there should not be any problem in cancelling and order in progress.
    In case you already made a payment, we won’t be able to cancel your order and refund you due to the nature of our business. In any case, we advise you to check with our sales department to explain the situation and see how things can get settled for the best. We always try to find a solution.

    What kind of guarantee I get from LV Labs?2020-05-29T18:19:57+08:00

    LV Labs trades (do not produces any goods) and is a division of La Vin Investment Group Limited, a company registered in Hong Kong.
    Purchasing from us you understand and accept that every order/supply take place under the Hong Kong SAR trade rules and is subject only to Hong Kong SAR jurisdiction & Courts.

    What are the payments accepted by LV Labs?2020-05-29T18:03:50+08:00

    LV Labs accepts payment by telegraphic transfer. All order confirmations or invoices will carry bank details and instructions.

    How can I become customer of LV Labs?2020-05-29T18:03:23+08:00

    You can contact us through the online form here above, by email at or by phone at +852 2149 1377.
    We generally ask you to provide us your company incorporation documents and business registration number.
    In case you are a private customer we still can process your order, but we will need your personal identification documents (Passport, ID etc.)

    How do I order from LV Labs?2020-05-29T18:04:43+08:00

    You can order by email writing to or faxing us your order at +852 3168 9968.
    We also accept order by phone, simply call us at +852 2149 1377.
    Please bear in mind that we consider order as binding obligations only after the related payment will have been received into our bank account.

    How are the products delivered?2020-05-29T18:05:27+08:00

    We can ship by sea or airfreight, using standard or express courier, all is up to your needs. Delivery cost as well as delivery terms will calculated separately and clearly mentioned in our quotation.

    About Our Firm

    LV Labs offers PPE to about 110 countries, along with more than 30 global partners around the world. LV Labs has been securing distribution channels and provide clients with PPE at affordable prices.

    Contact Info

    Unit 1508, 15/Floor, Wing Fung Industrial Building
    No. 40-50 Sha Tsui Road, Chai Wan Kok, NT

    Phone: +852 2149 1377

    Fax: +852 3168 9968