LV Labs Leading Organisation Born to Meet Global Health Challanges

LV Labs offers PPE to about 110 countries, along with more than 30 global partners around the world. With hands-on experience and knowledge accumulated through years of working in the advanced pharmaceutical markets of the United States and Europe, LV Labs has been securing distribution channels and providing clients with PPE at affordable prices.

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Our Values

Deliver advanced, innovative and sustainable solutions for our environment and society

Challenge & Innovation

Transparency & Integrity

Care & Compassion

Respect & Dedication

Our Products

We offer products that ensure the appearance of your smile – giving you the confidence boost you deserve

  • Disposable Masks & Respirators

  • TTK-PE Antibacterial Coverall
  • Disposable Clothing

  • Preventative Jackets

  • Examination Gloves

  • Disposable Shoe Covers

  • Disposable Head-Cover

  • Face Screens

  • Ozone Generators

  • Washing & Sanitising Stations

  • Thermometers

  • Hand Sanitisers & Cleaners

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We are steadfast in our vision of continuously growing with our customers as a leading global company by providing solutions for disease prevention and developing new solutions for healthier and happier lives.

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Our Partners

With PPE at the core of our product range, we supply worldwide a variety of businesses and governments

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